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The short mission statement:

To help everyone learn how to reduce or manage depression and life. This includes helping introverts (and everyone else) cope with life obstacles, find growth, build character and master basic or advanced life skills.

There are a number of social issues and barriers that many people silently face. Some of these include bullying, abuse and adoption, financial and social integration.

These issues cause greater problems such as:

  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Low Self-Esteem & Confidence
  • Anger and other negative feelings
  • Poor communication and methods of coping
  • Anti-social behaviour and apathy
  • Debt and problems living comfortably
  • Long term health problems

I’ve been there. I’m introverted. I’m adopted. I’ve been abused, bullied, socially outcast and more.

The idea behind CWL  is to provide peer support and direct you to resources so you can have the building blocks to help you cope with life obstacles.

We also want to provide support for your loved ones, so they can understand the issues and learn how to interact and resolve the problems.

Like the title and tag of the site says, you’ve arrived here looking for answers.

Solutions to help YOU cope with life obstacles.

You might be introverted.

Good, we will probably relate more. But, there are great insights, articles, resources, tools and solutions for everyone.

And…I like to filter out the noise to get you the information you need.

Why complicate things?

I provide content in manageable chunks and direct you to assignments or resources to pursue and take life a little bit further.

Maybe, you are afraid, angry, confused, depressed, lonely, hurt, sad or tired. Or you feel helpless and unemotional.

Perhaps you are struggling with debt, work, society and relationships and are just overwhelmed. You don’t know where to start.

You could be going through a divorce or have personal crisis that is pushing you to the limit.

It’s clear you’re here because you need to pull yourself out from rock bottom or a tough situation.

Here’s were I interject.

It’s true this is a mental health blog but often I provide solutions most people can apply to life.

Anyone looking for self improvement and growth.

Especially if you are trying to discover a way to gain happiness, passion, peace and a positive lifestyle.

AND…this isn’t just any old mental health blog.

It’s not clinical, medical or a professional service. It’s peer support.

I’m just like you (actually I’m unique, just like you but…). I’m here to help you find your footing.

I’ve been to my own hell and back.

AND maybe it wasn’t as bad as I made it out to be, it’s often that way for many of us. Sure, lots of bad things have happened. But I am also sensitive, prone to depression, was exposed to difficult environments and never got the right set of tools to handle the issues I was faced with.

Read my story and you’ll understand. I empathise. I may be able to relate to some of your experiences.

I’ve found solutions that help.

I’ve worked hard to make sure I had the right tools for positive mental health.

It’s taken years.

I learned lots of stuff along the way.

Stuff about abuse, adoption, anger, blame, bullying, complaining, depression, habits, lifestyle choices, responsibility…all that stuff and more.

And I’m still learning, growing and changing. Sometimes I still have to pick myself back up. We all have setbacks.

I’m embracing life now. As I look back, my life has been quite a journey and I’ve been blessed with rich experiences, good and bad. Those experiences helped shape who I’ve become and it is my choice to develop into the person I want to be.

And that’s the stuff I want to share with you.

Let’s get to the crux (that means the critcal or real reason) as to why I am here and what I can help with:

  • help people with depression and mental health disorders
  • help everyone find the tools to cope with life obstacles so they can gain growth, happiness, passion, peace and a positive lifestyle
  • connect with introverts dealing with various life issues
  • connect with adopted people dealing with depression and anger
  • end the stigma of mental health
  • end the stigma attached to introversion
  • support everybody with struggles and help you cope with life obstacles

We have the power to change and grow. We can build character and break habits. We can learn new skills. We can get treatment to eliminate and learn how to cope past and current issues. We can have a life filled with passion, happiness and success.

I’m here to help you find out how and to get started.


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