site purpose

Are you depressed? Anxious? Angry? Hurt? Lonely? Sad? Exhausted? Confused? Struggling? Socially Awkward? Afraid? Apathetic? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Do you struggle with emotions, discipline, relationships, work, attitude, esteem and confidence? Don’t know where to start to cope with life obstacles?

Maybe a result of social factors. The stigma of mental health? Abuse? Adoption? Work & finance? Introversion? Bullying? Family problems?

Do you feel socially awkward and lack focus, passion, desire, skills and purpose to cope with life obstacles? Do you feel society has let you down? Trapped in your own thoughts?

I’ve been there…and have designed this site to offer peer support and direct you (plus family and loved ones) to the tools and resources from some of the societal causes that have left you feeling helpless. I want to help you create a happy, purposeful life with less pain and more ability to overcome and cope with life obstacles.

I’ve always been prone to depression and social anxiety, which has led to low esteem, confidence, bad verbal communication, anger, work and financial issues – to name a few.

I’m introverted. Adopted. Have been bullied and abused.

BUT….I’ve learned to cope with life obstacles and grow. Just when I think I’m finished building character, I muster up the strength to move forward.

Isn’t it time you stopped being a victim and started living?

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