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possible difficulties for adopted children

All children (and adults too) face a variety of hardships and problems. For adoptees, a variety of unique problems and possible social outcomes typically occur. Experts argue on many results but some studies have shown emotional and mental behavioural problems are greatly increased for the adopted child. They do agree that almost all adopted children will have some kind of attachment issue and some difficulty connecting with people. common emotional issues There are common emotional […] read more

adoptive parents during the process of a child searching for a birth relative

Many people forget about the adoptive parents during the process of a child searching for a birth relative. I know I did. In fact, come to think of it my parents were great for the whole thing. But I’ve never asked how they felt. I’m sure it’s something that was difficult for them. Some children never tell their adoptive parents they are doing a search or only tell them once the search has begun. That […] read more

trauma for the adopted child

Trauma for an adopted child is quite common. They have already been removed from at least one caregiver. Probably several. Nurses, birth mother, foster parents. It is common for a child to suffer post traumatic stress disorder and rejection, even prior to birth. While some children have suffered a traumatic family situation before being adopted, the process of adoption in itself is enough change, stress and turmoil for anyone, let alone a child. Many adoptees […] read more

first contact in the search for a lost relative

Once you have discovered a lost relative, the question of contact becomes a primary concern. Many people will take their time and hold on to the information. It is overwhelming. There is no right or wrong time to initiate contact. It takes time to adjust. Just don’t wait too long in case the contact information gets stale. Time is precious. My initial contact was with a birth sister in late fall of 1994. The process […] read more

potential issues with adoption reunion

There are a variety of issues that can occur during an adoption reunion or search. Very few people are rejected outright but this is everyone’s greatest fear. Sometimes it is the very thing that keeps people from ever pursuing a family member search. Rejection may occur because of present relationships or trauma. There may even be anger. This could happen years later and is often the result of resentment and different lifestyles. In my recent […] read more

attachment issues for adoptees

The needs of adoptees are often overlooked. As a small percentage of the population (less than 4%) it is hard to recognize some of the psychological things that happen during the formative years of a child. Many attachment issues for adoptees come back and haunt them later in life. Some are obvious from the onset. what is attachment? Attachment is the bonding process that happens during the formative days after birth. In a typical child […] read more

tell me about your adoption reunion stories

I was visiting with my birth family in New Brunswick and though it was not without issues, I consider the visit a success. Adoption reunion has it’s rewards and difficulties too. I’m by no means perfect, perhaps even difficult at times but one of the most difficult things about adoption reunion is dealing with different philosophies and beliefs that you may have from your birth family. I’m not an exception. It is likely that you […] read more

adoption search and reunion

The process of adoption search and reunion is usually an overwhelming and life changing event. In my experience, it is one of the top things you will ever experience and… It answers questions. It helps you discover who you are. It uncovers your medical history. It fills an emotional void. It builds a stronger foundation of support. and much more! But…on the flip side it can also turn up bad memories and sometimes even rejection, […] read more

some adoption facts

Tens of thousands of people each year are adopted. In the USA 1.6 million of the 65 million children are adopted. In Canada there have been approximately 250,000 adoptions since 1921. Of the US adoptions, 169,000 came from foreign countries. International adoption includes 48,000 from Korea, 21,000 from China, 20,000 from Russia, 18,000 from Mexico and 8,000 from India. Adoptions are processed by state agencies, private agencies, private facilitators, physicians, lawyers, provincial bodies, religious groups, […] read more

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