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10 questions to help reduce anxiety

This week several circumstances beyond my control caused that feeling of anxiety to creep up. Notice the “beyond my control” statement. They were outside of anything I could do. Instead of focusing on the feeling the anxiety was causing me, I have learned to divert that attention and take action by looking after myself. I look for actions that I can take and choices I can make to resolve my anxiety. I was not causing […] read more

dealing with holiday time pressure

After a difficult November with limited access to Internet (our service had hardware difficulties and the lines had problems that took our telecom a month to fix), I was going to wind down with a Christmas wish and take the time to recharge over the holiday. Every year I take a couple weeks and spend it with family and friends. Often I take on a little project or catch up on something that I haven’t […] read more

dealing with difficult family members at christmas

Christmas with all it’s joy and kindness is also stressful. For some, it’s about managing the expense and time. For others it’s more serious. They may spend time dealing with difficult family members at Christmas. We all want to have a good holiday and a nice life. Taking some proactive steps can help you make the time a happy one. building a good bond Start by building a good bond with existing family members throughout […] read more

how to find solitude

While solitude sometimes happens naturally, usually one has to be proactive and make it happen. This world is full of activity and stimulation. Since the introduction of mobile devices, like the cell phone and laptops, it’s virtually impossible to find a quiet, peaceful location. In public (and work/home) there is usually someone chattering right next to you. As an introvert, I find this drains my energy and have to find solitude to recharge. Getting away […] read more

50 ways to reduce holiday stress

If you need a stress buster for the holiday season, here’s 50 ways to reduce holiday stress – quick simple things you can do to take the edge off. make a holiday checklist and plan your activities and items ahead of time create a schedule of activities and tasks – delegate and divide and stick to it. if you have anxieties – make a list of what they are and then delegate the activities learn […] read more

8 tips on how to cope with christmas

Do you have a hard time managing the holidays? If you want to take the edge off, here are some things you can do that will show you how to cope with Christmas. Don’t go overboard – with celebrating and purchasing Ask yourself why you are doing something – if you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it Try giving at Christmas – this includes charity and to your friends, after all that is what Christmas […] read more

simple reminders, a holiday checklist to reduce stress

While getting organized takes practice and won’t happen over night it will help reduce your stress, especially over the holidays. There are however, some simple things that can keep you on track. make your Christmas card list can you omit anyone from the list – cross them off go buy the cards & stamps write the addresses on the cards send email or eCard instead can you give the cards in person at an event […] read more

8 steps to cope with anger

There are no quick steps to coping with anger, it is likely to be a long arduous journey. Here are some general stages you will need to follow. You will have to be dedicated in order to make the changes you need for a happy life. recognize – you have a problem that could take years of hard work to change. document – note the things that trigger your anger, frustration or anxiety. deliberate – […] read more

how to cope with stress

An important tool in anger management is to learn how to cope with stress and anxiety. Dealing with issues in anger are secondary to learning how to cope with stress. If you don’t have an action plan in place you will struggle. You need one  that teaches  fundamental skills in remaining calm, happy and peaceful. The causes of stress are plenty (to many to list here) but the chances of stress reduction can be vastly […] read more

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