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finally time to think: pros and cons of living off the grid

For those of you who don’t know, I recently pursued my dream and moved off the grid. I’m currently living in an 18 foot recreational vehicle on 100 beautiful acres in the Muskoka Region of Ontario, Canada. I’ve got forests, streams, rock faces and plenty of wildlife to enjoy. The region itself has lots of cottage tourism and many wonderful lakes, trails and interesting places to explore. You can follow my story over at my […] read more

the season of change

Spring brings about change… Like the changes you are seeing on the site. I told you they were coming along with (Lessons In Life) LiL Helpers, a free mini course with actions to help you cope with life. I wish I’d learnt some of them sooner.  Look for the sign up form soon. Did I mention it is free and hopefully coming in June. You see, I’ve been going through various changing too. If you […] read more

transitions in life keep you busy

For those of you that don’t know, I’m heavily into sustainable, low impact, location independent living. I think a green lifestyle contributes greatly to better mental health. I usually try to get a couple posts a week in but I’m in the middle of transitioning to an off grid lifestyle. No Power. No Internet. No Water. No Toilet. At least for the time being. In the meantime, I’ll be going to the library to get […] read more

think twice, be nice

This post started out as an angry rant. I took the time to simmer down and think about the very simple message I am trying to relay. It’s a message similar to bullying and mental health stigma. It strongly needs to be shared around the web and passed on. At the very least it deserves a debate or discussion. Why do so many self help, success gurus, managers, leaders, etc. encourage people to dump friends […] read more

like minds breed like minds: a single key to quicker recovery from mental health issues

In the heart of my depression, I wasn’t very active. When I was, I spent most of my time seeking answers when energy permitted. The other times, I was soul searching or simply trying to take care of the basics. Much of that energy time was spent on the internet visiting forums, which were the stronger social medium at the time. A forum is a great way to connect and find real answers from people […] read more

sometimes you need to step back

Today the post will be short. Life has been running it’s course for me. Things outside of my control have been happening. For a month now, we have had almost no Internet access. Some equipment and line failures have stopped us dead in the water. I used the time to get some writing and organizing. I’ve prepared as much as I can for Christmas. Was it frustrating? Sure. I was on a real role in […] read more

the perils of perfectionism

Standards are great. We should all strive to create quality. After all, who doesn’t want to be seen as an artisan. A craftsman, making the perfect dish. Whether it be in the office or on the ice are no matter. Building something great is important. Taking pride in your work is paramount to achieve. But perfectionism and high standards are two different things. Someone with high standards knows the law of diminishing returns states that […] read more

4 warning signs that you are a finger pointer (and what you can do about it)

Part 2 of 2 in a series on responsibility part 1 – everyone loses in the blame game part 2 – 4 warning signs that you are a finger pointer (and what you can do about it) Pointing blame is never a good thing. Everyone loses in the blame game. Instead, try to take some responsibility for your actions and find a solution. 4 warning signs to discover if you are a finger pointer Do […] read more

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