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organizing your home office tools and equipment

The last article looked at organizing the mounds of paper in your office. Almost there, but first let’s take a quick look at the basic tools and equipment you might need in a modern office. Simple really is better. Here’s a few questions you can ask that will take money, productivity and the environment into consideration. do I really need this item? can I hold off for 30 days to make an informed decision? what […] read more

organizing your home office correspondence

In our last article, I discussed organizing your home office storage space. Next in the series of organizing your office is the need to keep on top of paper and correspondence. 8 quick tips to organize your mail Make sure that you read this article on reducing your junk mail To get your mail sorted quickly have an in and out basket Don’t let it pile up – get to it right away Personal letters […] read more

organizing your home office storage space

Now that you’ve got spent some time organizing your desk – let’s work on storage. Storage is important and you have to decide what should go where. Remember that your desk should be kept as clutter free as possible. what are you going to keep The first thing you will need to do is decide what you need to keep. Removing all the excess items will help reduce the storage space needed. Here’s an article […] read more

organizing your home office desk

Organizing your home office can be a nightmare. It doesn’t have to be! Just 15 minutes a day can get your home office in good working order. Once you have achieved a workable space if you continue with the 15 minutes routine you can keep it that way. After all, once something is a habit it becomes easier to do. Sometimes your home office doubles as a library, living room, kitchen or even a bedroom. […] read more

5 quick tips to organize your bathroom

Today’s post will be short and sweet to complement our last post 12 tips to keep your closets and clothes organized. get a medicine cabinet or shelving unit if possible keep the counter empty use a shower caddy and mesh bag (good for toys too) use a linen or hall closet for overage of towels and accessories have towel hooks Not a lot to worry about for a bathroom and a clean tidy space reflects […] read more

12 tips to keep your closets and clothes organized

Here’s 12 quick tips to keep your closets and clothes organized. Spending just a few minutes (yep that’s another theme for time and clutter management) will help keep your hidden storage space in the closets manageable. Without further ado… group your hall closet season and rotate 4 times a year put boots in containers to keep safe and in place hooks pegs and racks are good for extra space baskets can help with loose items […] read more

simple home storage solutions for the living room

When people are unsure where to put things it often leads to a cluttered home or office. As things add up it becomes unmanageable. Then nothing can be found. Simple home storage solutions can get you part way there but first you have to set up a few ground rules. Do things in baby chunks, one work area at a time (you will see the theme of baby steps a lot on this site – […] read more

16 simple tricks to keep your home organized

In the last article, we touched upon clearing and sharing the clutter in a family or couple.  These tricks work for single people too! Here’s a few simple tricks. designate rooms for family members and set a timer create a contest to see who finishes first – prize and all if you must throw stuff on chairs, have a designated one for each of you spills should always be dealt with immediately – have a […] read more

clearing and sharing the clutter

Clearing and sharing the clutter is important in a family home or for a couple. Otherwise, one of the parties may feel they are being taken for granted. Sometimes, one person is the messy one and the other is tidy. As you collect more stuff it becomes important to pick up and put it away. what comes in must go out – paper & junk You can also have a junk box in your bedroom […] read more

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