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a long term approach to systematically dealing with depression and anxiety

In 2005 when I had my “big nervous breakdown” and depressive episode(s), I made a decision to focus on my mental and long term health. Permanently. It became my life goal to rid myself of depression anxiety and rediscover my purpose and passion in life, a life I was happy with. healing takes dedicated commitment Healing is important. Your mental health is important. It isn’t something you want to take care of part time and […] read more

the many faces of depression and mood disorders

Let’s look deeper look at the many faces of depression and mood disorders. They take up a small portion of the cornucopia of mental health conditions. Many of the mental health issues above contribute to behaviour and mood issues. There is a direct correlation. It’s more important to recognize issues, determine treatments, discover cures and end the stigma attached to mental health. adjustment disorder or situational depression – typically characterized by strange behaviour or emotions […] read more

the cornucopia of mental health conditions

Mental Health is complex. It’s not limited to a single issue. There is no standard treatment. It’s different for everyone. Many of the disorders and health issues overlap. Sometimes one condition can lead to another. For instance an abuse or traumatic event may lead to a variety of anxiety, psychotic, personality, behavioural or addictive conditions. It’s a cornucopia of mental health conditions and here are some of the main conditions: anxiety disorders – phobias, social […] read more

depression and sleep

A lack of proper sleep can cause problems in the brain, including mental disorders. Sleep is critical for physical and mental acuity as well as mood and energy levels. That seems obvious but… People suffering from depression seem to have problems sleeping. It’s not conclusive if poor / good sleep contributes to poor / good mental health or if poor / good mental health contributes to poor / good sleep patterns. Required sleep ranges between […] read more

main causes of mental illness

There is not a simple formula to discover what causes the vast majority of mental disorders. It’s not like a broken bone caused from an event, diagnosed then repaired. It slowly creeps up after lurking in the background or may silently have always been there. Why? Nobody has the complete picture but once discovered, perhaps a preventative treatment can reduce the frequency and amount of pain and suffering on a greater scale. The good news. […] read more

depression free for 2 years – there is hope

I’ve got something important to share with you. I’ve been depression free (pretty much) for 2 years. Amazing. I still have the odd temporary moments of depression that last a day or so BUT the tools are in place to move forward and get over it. My energy levels still goes up and down BUT that can mostly be contributed to days when bad habits or poor diet have taken over. Anxiety attacks are down […] read more

first steps to discover your mental health treatment and diagnosis options

Obtaining a diagnosis is the first step to getting treatment if you suspect an issue with your mental health (or health in general). It’s not something you should avoid. Get help if you feel extremely (or even moderately) sad, empty and hopeless. Get help if you have an inability to wake up or take daily action. Get help if you have lost all energy and your body feels laden or flu like. Get help if […] read more

10 more ways to beat the winter blues

Here’s 10 more way to beat the winter blues to help make the winter months enjoyable or at least tolerable. treat yourself – Instead of locking yourself away and doing nothing, treat yourself to a day at the spa, night out with friends or even purchase something entertaining for the house. embrace winter – there are so many wonderful winter activities. Dress properly and get outside to enjoy some skating, skiing, snow hikes, snowshoeing, snowman […] read more

do you suffer from seasonal affective disorder

Do you find yourself sad and anxious in the winter months? Are you irritable, withdrawn and lack focus or the ability to concentrate? Does your energy level wain when the sun is in short supply? Do you feel extremely guilty, hopeless or worthless? Does your body feel like it’s laden and heavy, as if it’s been hit by a major flu bug? Do your sleep and eating habits change? If so, you just may have […] read more

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