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gone fishing – so to speak

I’ve taken a little hiatus but it’s nothing to worry about. Over the summer months, I tend not to blog as often on cope with life and focus on simply stephen, my site about green and off grid minimal living in my tiny home (an RV). The reverse is often true for the winter when depression and anxiety is increased. I also take a little vacation time over July and August and am busy working […] read more

rant, rave & rhetoric: spring 2012 announcements

With spring arriving I’m veering away from talking directly about depression and anxiety. Now, we will explore other aspects of life including introversion, anger, abuse and virtues for personal growth. Virtues and habits are important parts of healing and moving forward. Speaking of moving forward, some of you may be aware that I am launching a new eCourse this spring. It’s called LiL (Lessons in Life) Helpers which consist of small and large random lessons […] read more

cope with life is getting a colonic

Sorry for the visual. Just a quick update today. My depression free for two years post was mis-scheduled for Tuesday instead of today so I thought I’d fill you in quickly on what’s happening. I’ve narrowed my sites down to 3 – simply stephen, cope with life (CWL) and cribbage rules (a static site). Just over a year ago I had well over a dozen sites to manage and it was just too much. I […] read more

unleash your confidence – special announcement

For many of us that are coping with life obstacles, we at times have lacked confidence. Wouldn’t it be great if you had the ability to unleash your confidence? Well, help is here. Seldom do I offer promotions or monetize my sites but my friend Vlad Dolezal has just completed an eBook on confidence and I had a chance to review it. It’s worth looking at since it can be applied to various aspects of […] read more