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introverts revolt, take back your personal space

This news flash is really nothing new. Today, I thought I’d encourage all introverts to speak out. I know it may not be something you are particularly good at but the effort will be worth the gain. As an introvert, I struggle to ask the extroverted world for a bit of space. It’s getting crowded out there. Cell phones, populated cities, crowded spaces, open offices in a highly social and active world. Recently, I’ve been […] read more

when people don’t like your introverted talking style

I often find people get irritated with my style of speech. As an extreme introvert (and now that I live off grid in the woods), I don’t talk to people that often. When I do, sometimes I actually rant, rave and go off on tangents to get to my point. I think it’s because I am getting it all out of my system and many extroverts don’t like waiting for me to finish my point, […] read more

being told you are NOT introverted (when you know you are)

Time after time people tell me “you are not introverted” and I resist the urge to explode. It’s not my job to justify, convince, educate and defend. Usually, I’m steaming when they insist they know introversion better than me (an extreme introvert who has studied the topic and read countless books – not to mention the fact that I have explored or introverted myself). I am passionate and certainly not shy. Since I am in […] read more

finally time to think: pros and cons of living off the grid

For those of you who don’t know, I recently pursued my dream and moved off the grid. I’m currently living in an 18 foot recreational vehicle on 100 beautiful acres in the Muskoka Region of Ontario, Canada. I’ve got forests, streams, rock faces and plenty of wildlife to enjoy. The region itself has lots of cottage tourism and many wonderful lakes, trails and interesting places to explore. You can follow my story over at my […] read more

16 different introvert and extrovert perceptions

Reality is really the same for introverts and extroverts. As Susan Cain points out two people might equally like bruschetta but the introvert might say it is good, while the extrovert might say it’s the best thing ever. The difference is the introverts might fear the extroverts thinks they are “too serious”, while the extroverts worry that introverts think they are “too much” or “too silly”. Neither is wrong. Perception is everything. Both are just […] read more

warning signs to prevent getting the room mate, landlord or location from hell

Last week we talked about how to find the perfect living solution for introverts if you can’t afford to buy or rent your own place. I hope you found it useful. Today, as complementary article, I figured we should take a look at the warning signs to prevent you from getting the room mate, landlord or location from hell. I’m here to help. I want to keep you out of any traps. If you are […] read more

an introverts quick guide to find the perfect living situation

Note – this mini guide can be used by anyone looking for a room mate but it is geared towards an introverted mind. Someone who needs down time to recharge and may not be looking for a crowded, busy house. Finding great room mates is tough. As an introvert, I’ve found that the best option is to live alone. You still need to find convenient and safe neighbourhoods. One you like. But you may be […] read more

internet opportunites are the perfect career for introverts

In a predominantly extroverted world, the Internet creates perfect work opportunities for introverts. Here’s why. Both introverts and extroverts often misunderstand what it means to be introverted. As an introvert, you need ample quiet time with limited stimulation and distraction.  If you are an extreme introvert, like me, you will need to moderate when and where that stimulation comes from. In a daily work routine there are a multitude of energy vampires that may drain […] read more

introverted and proud of it

Today it’s time to make a declaration. It’s no secret that I’m an introvert, although because I’m not shy and have done many risky things in my 43 years, many people confuse me with being an extrovert. So here it is “I’m an introvert and I’m proud of it”. There. I’ve said it. I feel better now. Why did I decide to do that? It seems many introverts are concerned about being labelled introvert. They […] read more

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