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how to find solitude

While solitude sometimes happens naturally, usually one has to be proactive and make it happen. This world is full of activity and stimulation. Since the introduction of mobile devices, like the cell phone and laptops, it’s virtually impossible to find a quiet, peaceful location. In public (and work/home) there is usually someone chattering right next to you. As an introvert, I find this drains my energy and have to find solitude to recharge. Getting away […] read more

introverts do not need to be cured

I’m introverted, not ill. I need recharging not retuning. The things I’m working on fixing are not related to being introverted. Let it be known that introverts do not need to be cured. All the time people say things like “you need to get out more” or “you aren’t shy, I see you socializing” and many varied comments. Schools try to force people to socialize. The work force insists on active participation. Friends and family […] read more

the difference between introvert, shy and anxiety

The words shy and introvert are used almost interchangeably in conversation, yet the two are truly quite different. No wonder we get confused. Not far behind is a parallel to anxiety and mental illness. Nothing could be further from the truth. Shyness and anxiety are brought on by social and environmental conditions. Introversion is a personality trait. It is innate and can’t be changed. It’s a part of a person’s temperament and doesn’t need to […] read more

what does it mean to be introverted

Shyness has very little to do with introversion. People that are anxious and socially inept may also not fit the true meaning. So what does it mean to be introverted? definition: to introspect, turn into ones inner feelings Doesn’t give you much to go on, does it? Sometimes a definition is misleading or incomplete. In fact, many definitions of introvert include the word shy. They make reference to words like hermit and loner. Not a […] read more

introverts and depression

Are introverts a little more prone to depression? My short answer “I don’t think so!”, but we may struggle with coping for a little longer. Very little exists to prove or disprove this theory. Extroverts are just as likely to be depressed, though the sheer numbers (percentage of population) would contribute to the reasons. Instead of debating the topic, let’s look at a few simple reasons why an introvert might be labeled depressed. introverts like […] read more

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