if you don’t deal with the hard stuff now…it’ll be harder later

simply stephen / March 15, 2011

As a follow to last week’s article have you hit your rock bottom yet here’s some motivation. A good life is easier to achieve if you make changes earlier on. If you don’t deal with the hard stuff now, it’ll be harder later. Taking action now will build a foundation sooner and give you a stronger position in life.

A double edged sword maybe but let’s look at some steps to take the edge off a little bit.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

7 steps to change

This stuff is all over the web. Motivational coaches talk about it. Psychologist practice it every day. These steps can be applied to almost any issue.

  1. Admit & Acknowledge – this is the first and vital step to make changes. You need to be aware that you need to fix something in your life. Big changes start here.
  2. Practice Positive – It’s difficult to stop complaining. Remaining in the negative will only feed your misery – ignore anger and practice acceptance and gratitude instead.
  3. Regular Reflection – Reflect but don’t dwell and over analyze. Take a good look at your issues and think about the bigger picture, the one you want to see in place, not the details.
  4. Forgive & Forget – Living in the past is not going to help you move forward. You need to forgive yourself and others to get on with the life you want today and in the future.
  5. Seek Support – If you’ve done the above steps it’s time to get support in place. You can seek a group but may need to do some personal education and find a professional to get to the crux of the issues. Confiding in a couple of close friends is a very positive step to change.
  6. Harvesting Habits – Putting some new habits in place. This is where the changes are going to take place. With each new habit you learn, you get rid of one that was causing harm.
  7. Responsible Reactions – You’ve probably been reactive for far too long. It’s time now to be accountable for all your actions, past and present. You will need to set goals and may need to forgive or address some people you have wronged (or vice versa) in the past. Be careful not to be too rigid with your goals. By taking a flexible approach you are opening up more avenues for success.

Doesn’t sound easy, right. But don’t underestimate the reward from the changes. Huge.

You will need to dedicate a great deal of your time and effort to each and every step. It is likely that you will slip up every once in a while. Not to worry. Failure breeds success. Get back on track and try again. Try until you succeed.

questions to ask

Asking questions is the best way to start getting solutions. Here’s some important ones you may want to think about to begin a more positive and rewarding life.

  • Are you holding on to something? Do you need to let go of it?
  • Have you been the kind of friend you would want as a friend? Picture that person
  • If you haven’t achieved a dream or goal, what do you have to lose by starting now?
  • If today was your last day, what would you do? Why aren’t you doing that every day?
  • Are you making decisions for yourself or following someone else’s advice? Start making your own choices.

Just a few motivators to make you think about what you want in life. It may will take some effort but that’s where the rewards will kick in. Life will offer you so much more happiness and prosperity.

Difficult times now will make it easier later on – that’s better than having a harder time later!

All the things you avoid will need to be taken care of at once…taking care of each thing as it comes is lot easier. I put off the inevitable and had to deal with tough life choices. I’m on well on track but would have had an easier time if I’d made changes earlier by dealing with each issue as it arrived.

Do yourself a favour and start dealing with the hard stuff now…life will start to shine.

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