stop complaining and start doing

simply stephen / May 31, 2011

There really are two types of people – those that say “I can’t” and the others that say “I will try”.

Which one do you think achieves a greater level of success and happiness?

That’s right.

Complaining acts as a barrier to change. You are trapped in the habit and your reality becomes a state of complaining.

do you want progress

Negative thoughts inhibit growth and promote a negative mental state.

Dwelling on something will make it even worse.

If you want progress you need to stop complaining and start doing actions that will get you somewhere. You can  focus on what is right, instead of forever being the critic and pointing out what is wrong. Empower change within yourself and the need to complain will lessen and ultimately disappear. Each step of success eliminates your view on failure.

If you have time to whine and complain about something then you have the time to do something about it. ~Anthony J. D’Angelo

It isn’t easy to stop complaining. The habit is etched in your mind and will take some effort to break but anything worth having usually takes hard work and persistence. Here are some suggestions to get help you stop complaining. I still haven’t mastered it but…I’m closer every day.

Sure life is tough. That kind of makes it a little more interesting.

complaining is the easy route

When you stop it becomes easier to see the route that will take you out of your current state.

To move forward you require action. If you aren’t happy, take action to learn how to be unhappy. Don’t promote more unhappiness by complaining and staying in the same state of mind. The choice becomes yours. You are in control of that choice.

The same is true for anything. If you want to lose weight, stop being depressed, feel better about life, learn how to do an activity, change careers, make money or any other obstacle, try taking action to achieve it. It begins with one step and the first one is eliminating the complaint.

the results of complaint free living

You thought I was going to put a big list here, didn’t you? Wrong. The result of complaint free living is a happier, healthier you. The positive impact of a 100% complaint free life is increased energy, a better mood and a stronger outlook on life.

So if someone is at the door, don’t just sit there and complain about it. Get up and answer it, after all it could be opportunity knocking!

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