we all have life obstacles

Society contributes to these obstacles. While all of us struggle in some way, no matter how small, for some life seems insurmountable.

  • Introversion is often misunderstood and undervalued
  • Mental Health & Depression has a stigma that prevents many from seeking help
  • The dogma of life and society hinders our ability to grow and change
  • Being the victim of a trauma, abuse, disease or loss needs support and empathy to find the path to healing

Depression and anxiety are real problems with a social stigma. Awareness and guidance are needed to battle this devastating disease.

Solutions and support exist.

You are not alone. You have never been alone.

we all need to reach out

Only you can change yourself. It’s a choice, but we are here to help you learn how. To offer moral support along your journey. To help you find a solution for a happy, rewarding life.

Without effort and change, your vicious cycle of pain will continue or even worsen.

change is more than possible 

With your commitment, it is on the horizon.

We have been there. Everyone has suffered and overcome. Some things one may still have to deal with every day, but you move forward. You live and keep on healing and growing.

  • We need to raise awareness to change the stigma attached to mental health problems
  • We need to support family, friends and co-workers too (not just people with mental health concerns)
  • You can overcome Depression and Anxiety or at least learn to manage it and have a rewarding, productive and purposeful life
  • Your actions create your destiny

strive to make a better version of you

To improve build character, confidence, integrity, skills, strength and a support network.

Nuff said.

affordable and free solutions are available

Elitism usually eliminates those who need the greatest love and support. Inclusion is paramount.

It is your responsibility to pass on what you learn. We all need to share information, tools  and life experiences.

I make that one of my main goals.

To share what has worked and reduced my suffering and observe what hasn’t worked. To look and remove the obstacles in our path. I’ve had my struggles and still do but I stand up, reach out and face them head on. I always seek improvement.

You can too.

CWL is forever evolving to help, reach and support you.

My intention is to do just that.

To discover what we need. To create as much valuable, affordable (or free) content, resources, help, tools and support.

AND…to do that for everyone.

reach as many people as possible

To help make a difference.

That motivates me.

It makes me tick.

I aspire to spread the word.

To build an army of happier people and support everyone on the road to a depression free society…let’s try to soar high!