that’s not what I wanted

Sometimes life has a way of leading you down a different road than the one you thought you were traveling. Maybe it takes twists and turns you follow because you are avoiding something else…maybe it just is. The harder you try, the more amplified any obstacle will become. Recently, I’ve been working so hard at writing, trying to get power and Internet in my off grid situation and building things to make my life a […] read more

are you thinking too much

As an introvert, sometimes I think too much. A defining attribute for us introverts but a little balance is good too! Thinking is not a bad thing if it is solution oriented. It can otherwise lead to a downward spiral. It’s obsessive and compulsive behaviour and can be changed. It can paralyse and lead to depression. It is unhealthy if: You start reviewing the same thoughts (ruminating) You are not taking actions on your thoughts […] read more

introverts revolt, take back your personal space

This news flash is really nothing new. Today, I thought I’d encourage all introverts to speak out. I know it may not be something you are particularly good at but the effort will be worth the gain. As an introvert, I struggle to ask the extroverted world for a bit of space. It’s getting crowded out there. Cell phones, populated cities, crowded spaces, open offices in a highly social and active world. Recently, I’ve been […] read more

when people don’t like your introverted talking style

I often find people get irritated with my style of speech. As an extreme introvert (and now that I live off grid in the woods), I don’t talk to people that often. When I do, sometimes I actually rant, rave and go off on tangents to get to my point. I think it’s because I am getting it all out of my system and many extroverts don’t like waiting for me to finish my point, […] read more

being told you are NOT introverted (when you know you are)

Time after time people tell me “you are not introverted” and I resist the urge to explode. It’s not my job to justify, convince, educate and defend. Usually, I’m steaming when they insist they know introversion better than me (an extreme introvert who has studied the topic and read countless books – not to mention the fact that I have explored or introverted myself). I am passionate and certainly not shy. Since I am in […] read more

finally time to think: pros and cons of living off the grid

For those of you who don’t know, I recently pursued my dream and moved off the grid. I’m currently living in an 18 foot recreational vehicle on 100 beautiful acres in the Muskoka Region of Ontario, Canada. I’ve got forests, streams, rock faces and plenty of wildlife to enjoy. The region itself has lots of cottage tourism and many wonderful lakes, trails and interesting places to explore. You can follow my story over at my […] read more

a long term approach to systematically dealing with depression and anxiety

In 2005 when I had my “big nervous breakdown” and depressive episode(s), I made a decision to focus on my mental and long term health. Permanently. It became my life goal to rid myself of depression anxiety and rediscover my purpose and passion in life, a life I was happy with. healing takes dedicated commitment Healing is important. Your mental health is important. It isn’t something you want to take care of part time and […] read more

the season of change

Spring brings about change… Like the changes you are seeing on the site. I told you they were coming along with (Lessons In Life) LiL Helpers, a free mini course with actions to help you cope with life. I wish I’d learnt some of them sooner.  Look for the sign up form soon. Did I mention it is free and hopefully coming in June. You see, I’ve been going through various changing too. If you […] read more

a lesson from aesop: the hares and the frogs

It has been a while since our last lesson from Aesop. The Hares and The Frogs The Hares were so persecuted by the other beasts, they did not know where to go. As soon as they saw a single animal at has been a while since our last lesson from Aesop. The Hares and the Frogs “There is always someone worse off than yourself.” If you are reading this, it is likely, you are one […] read more

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