stats on child abuse in canada

simply stephen / November 18, 2009

There are a variety of stats on child abuse that demonstrate just how much of a problem it is. None of it is acceptable.

  • For every case of child abuse that is reported, there is another one that has not been
  • Almost all runaway children leave home because of physical or emotional abuse
  • The average age of a runaway child in Canada is 15
  • About 30% of Canadian children and use are exposed to child abuse
  • Children that receive negative parenting and criticism are likely to have behavioural problems as adults

Some results of child abuse:

  • medical attention is needed in about 4% of all cases of child abuse
  • 60% of all sexual abuse is against a child
  • In 1998 over $16 Billion was spent by Canada on child abuse with $13 Billion being for the victim support

The above stats should give you some kind of a view on what the picture is. Not a pretty one. About 3 out of every 10 children are exposed to child abuse. We don’t even look at the aftermath. When those children become adults they suffer. This site is for those adults that are suffering or have suffered and need to heal or help others heal. Please take the time to share and comment in this community.

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