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8 steps to cope with anger

simply stephen / December 2, 2009

There are no quick steps to coping with anger, it is likely to be a long arduous journey. Here are some general stages you will need to follow. You will have to be dedicated in order to make the changes you need for a happy life.

  1. recognize – you have a problem that could take years of hard work to change.
  2. document – note the things that trigger your anger, frustration or anxiety.
  3. deliberate – start making conscious decisions to change your actions. This may include removing activities or aspects of your life that cause anger.
  4. observe – look at people that are relatively happy and implement some of these attributes into your life.
  5. get help – seek therapy, whether self directed with books and research or with a professional therapist or support group.
  6. forgive – start to forgive yourself and the people around you.
  7. learn – discover the cause of the anger (there could be many) and start to piece it all together.
  8. Don’t quit – it will be hard work, you will fall of the wagon but over time your efforts will be noticeable to yourself and those around you.

start carrying a note pad and list the things that trigger your anger. Seek and practice solutions for each trigger – ongoing, not just once.

When we first discussed anger it was mentioned that the choice is up to you. only change on your behalf can help you reach a better place. Quit blaming everyone else for your issues. You can’t make other people change, you can only change yourself. It is important to recognize that while you may have a right to be angry, you also have the choice of how you react and respond.

If you want to get on with life, you will need to release your anger and change yourself. Taking the steps and making the effort is your first good choice towards a happier life.

Many issues discussed here may have been a cause of your anger, anxiety and frustration. Take the time to explore this website and share your discoveries with us. Your input will contribute to help more people learn how to cope with anger and various life obstacles.

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