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simply stephen / December 13, 2011

After a difficult November with limited access to Internet (our service had hardware difficulties and the lines had problems that took our telecom a month to fix), I was going to wind down with a Christmas wish and take the time to recharge over the holiday.

Every year I take a couple weeks and spend it with family and friends. Often I take on a little project or catch up on something that I haven’t spent much time on for the last little while but…I wanted to share with you some past articles that can help you deal with the many obstacles we are faced with all year round.

Christmas seems to amplify that. So before you grab your holiday six pack, here’s mine to help you with the holiday season:

50 ways to reduce holiday stress

8 tips on how to cope with christmas

simple reminders, a holiday checklist to reduce stress

how to cope with stress

trouble coping – treat yourself this christmas

dealing with difficult family members at christmas

Enjoy. Be safe and if you are struggling over the holiday time, take a moment to look at the many resources and articles available on this site. It’s designed to help you cope, I know first hand how hard every one of these things are to deal with and there are tools.

Support is available all the time to help you deal with the holiday pressure. Make sure you take the time to look after yourself too.



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