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simply stephen / November 17, 2009

Anger Management is an important tool in coping with most life issues.

Anger usually stems from a feeling of oppression or being a victim. There is a reason for your anger and you can get to the root of it. Acting out will bring consequences, often dire, if you don’t learn how to cope with your feelings.

While anger is a normal emotion, the tools to deal with it are not always available to some people. Many issues and obstacles discussed here (such as adoption or abuse) are the cause of anger and stress. If you avoid learning how to cope with anger life will become a difficult constant battle with limited happiness.

Anger is generally the most destructive emotion out there.

There are long term consequences.

When we are angry our heart rate and adrenalin levels increase causing undo stress. Hormones cause us to do things that are sometimes unthinkable. Our subconscious mind will cause anxiety and actions. For example –  grinding our teeth. Without change, it will finally play it’s toll.

Some primary causes of anger include:

  • fatigue
  • poor health & medical conditions, including hormonal imbalances
  • ineffective communication & social skills
  • addiction
  • abuse & emotional deprivation
  • conflicts in beliefs & ego
  • fear, pain, grief & loss

There are many methods to cope with anger.

One of the best – meditation and breathing exercises. Music, Tai Chi, Yoga and various breathing exercises will help you reduce your anger substantially. Embracing nature has a very positive impact on your life – a simple walk in the park will suffice. Other methods to expand on later include therapy, training and stress exercise to channel your energy.

Practice a simple breathing technique each time you begin to feel angry or stressed.

Taking responsibility and looking at life in a positive light is perhaps the best starting point for change. Observe other people and yourself while angry and happy – write it down and then surround yourself with a support group of the right peers. It will take effort and will cause pain. You will have to learn to forgive and forget. Not just yourself but others too.

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