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simply stephen / November 17, 2009

An important tool in anger management is to learn how to cope with stress and anxiety.

Dealing with issues in anger are secondary to learning how to cope with stress. If you don’t have an action plan in place you will struggle. You need oneĀ  that teachesĀ  fundamental skills in remaining calm, happy and peaceful.

The causes of stress are plenty (to many to list here) but the chances of stress reduction can be vastly improved by using a variety of techniques together. Picking a process that works for you is important. You will usually need to do more than one activity to make a big difference.

If stress is getting you down, consulting with your doctor or a professional therapist will reduce all risks and can greatly increase the chances of a stress free life.

Here are some actions (the list will get far too big) that will greatly reduce your stress level:

  1. Taking regular breaks from work
  2. Identifying your sources of stress – only then can you learn what actions to take
  3. Resolve conflicts in a amicable way
  4. Set realistic goals – don’t overwork yourself in life and work
  5. Add some activities that are pleasurable to your life
  6. Exercise on a regular basis
  7. Eat a healthy diet high in vitamins and fibre
  8. Drink lots of water at regular intervals during the day
  9. Think Positive – having negative thoughts will only add to your stress
  10. Reserve your energy – don’t spend it all at once
  11. Understand the triggers and root cause of stress and anger
  12. Learn to say no to commitments that will overwhelm you
  13. Practice a stress reduction technique such as yoga, breathing, Tai Chi or music therapy
  14. Seek professional help or self direct through reading and research. Finding a support group or therapist can greatly increase your chances in finding a calmer life.
  15. Manage your time effectively and stop procrastinating – getting things done will help you achieve a balance in life that isn’t about deadlines and commitments
  16. When possible, delegate chores and duties to give yourself relief. Sometimes you can’t do everything.

Start making time for yourself. This includes regular breaks, eating on a regular basis and saying no to too many commitments. Take a look at what you can implement in the above list and start NOW.

A good step by step process can be found at Mahalo to help you get your stress under control. Following this process will help you learn how to cope with stress and take care of any past issues in anger and management of your health. Don’t take for granted the life that you have, changes in habits and reviewing past issues can go a long way in reaching a healthy balance.

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  1. I have been hoping to integrate Tai-Chi into a regular routine…there are certainly great physiological benefits.

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