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how to find solitude

simply stephen / March 31, 2010

While solitude sometimes happens naturally, usually one has to be proactive and make it happen. This world is full of activity and stimulation. Since the introduction of mobile devices, like the cell phone and laptops, it’s virtually impossible to find a quiet, peaceful location.

In public (and work/home) there is usually someone chattering right next to you.

As an introvert, I find this drains my energy and have to find solitude to recharge.

Getting away from the noise is one solution, but it is only a temporary one, unless you want to live on a mountain. Even if you escape the hustle and bustle it is likely that you will still be troubled inside. When you return the noise will still be there.

find a way to erase worry

Try to discover a form of meditation that works for you. You need to learn how to cope with stress .

What’s important is to learn how to recharge from anywhere at anytime.

Make sure, when you recharge, to focus on the positive instead of feeding on negative energy. Look for solutions and enjoyment rather than problems or complaints. With that in mind, here’s some places and ways to find a little solace:

  1. Library – the rule at the library is silence, so there is a built in place where you can always find peace and quiet. Go sit in a corner and read a good book or just quietly contemplate.
  2. Park – if the library is too busy with people, find a quiet park or a more isolated area in the park and sit down for some down time.
  3. Walk – want to be a little more active. Taking a walk provides you with oxygen and gives your body the right mix of chemicals. Nature has a way of healing too.
  4. Room – I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “go to your room”. Why not, I always thought it was a reward when I was a kid and now if my child needs time to unwind it is just the remedy.
  5. Office Board Room – sometimes work is a little too hectic. When the board room isn’t in use, it is usually the quietest place. No one is looking for you there. Take a break, close the door and get a rest from the office bustle.
  6. Car – the car is like an aquarium. You can look at the world going by but it doesn’t invade your space. The green in me isn’t suggesting to go for a drive, although a trip to a quiet place would help. Instead just sitting in your car and having a think or listening to some music will ease your mind.
  7. Backyard – The garden is a bastion of solitude. The birds chirping, flowers in bloom, fresh air. All a good recipe for rest, even while you exercise and do the weeds or lawn.
  8. Garage – The garage is just like the garden and a little warmer in the winter. Sometimes taking a time out to work on your favourite project is just what the doctor ordered.
  9. Music – Anytime, anyplace music connects and disconnects. It let’s you embrace a different realm. You can put on a headset and empty your mind to the music.

Remember the the purpose of finding solitude is not just to escape. It’s important to make sure you aren’t thinking about your worries.

Use the time to review success, recent or past.

Take a little time to introspect.

Discover a little more about yourself.

Enjoy the tranquillity as a reward and recharge. You deserve it.

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