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simple reminders, a holiday checklist to reduce stress

simply stephen / December 15, 2009

While getting organized takes practice and won’t happen over night it will help reduce your stress, especially over the holidays. There are however, some simple things that can keep you on track.

  1. make your Christmas card list

    • can you omit anyone from the list – cross them off
    • go buy the cards & stamps
    • write the addresses on the cards
    • send email or eCard instead
    • can you give the cards in person at an event or on Christmas Day
  2. figure out your food
    • decide what cooking and baking you will do
    • make a list of the ingredients
      • cookies (you can make dough ahead of time)
      • candies
      • cakes
      • drinks
    • purchase the extra ingredients
    • consider what containers you might need
    • what are the holiday dinners? Grab recipes and get ingredients
    • do you have all the extras like linen & dishes ready?
  3. decide on gifts and giving
    • make a list of who you are giving a gift to & what
    • are you making anything
    • do you have the materials or supplies
    • wrapping paper, tape, boxes, bags
    • get your stocking stuffers
    • go online to save time and money
    • consider gift certificates
    • who are you donating to this year
  4. decorate your house
    • inside decorations to include card racks, hanging decorations, ornaments, table decorations
    • outside decorations to include lights, wreath
  5. plan your events
    • musical events – dates and tickets
    • parties and invites – pick and choose
    • family events
    • actual Christmas dinners and meals

Here’s a few quick tips to help you out.

  1. plan your items lists and locations ahead of time – then go during a non peak time, planning the route to drop off at the areas along the way
  2. create a Christmas box that all your recipes, checklists, paper, supplies and accessories can live in for next year
  3. you can buy cards and supplies for next year during boxing week
  4. buy presents during the course of the year when you see them and put them in the christmas box
  5. can you delegate anything on the list
  6. buying online saves time and money
  7. create a budget and stick with it
  8. set a deadline for achieving the things on your list

Consider going a little more green this Christmas, here’s a waste free holiday guide to help you out.

Some things to think about – getting organized before the holidays will give you extra time for the holidays, save some money and give you a chance to relax, maybe well into the new year.

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