4 basic qualitites to help you overcome yourself

simply stephen / July 12, 2011

It is important to focus on some qualities for success in life. Many people look for quick fixes but if you really want something – it is up to you to get it. You have to overcome yourself to achieve that.

And that comes down to one thing – commitment to change.

Work and effort. There is no easy path, even if some make it look so simple. Almost everyone that has reached some level of success has spent the time up front getting the skills, putting in the work and tearing down the brick walls.

They have focused on what they want to achieve.

The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. ~ Randy Pausch

Forget about technical skills, they can be learned or outsourced. To set yourself apart from the crowd here are some starting points to help differentiate you.

be focused

If you know what you want you are bound to get there.

Especially if you set your mind to it.

Passion and purpose are powerful motivators but without focus you will have a life with no direction. How can you reach somewhere if you don’t know where you are going? Focus gives you a target – head straight for it. You have to know your goal to see it.

be remarkable

I want a leave behind a legacy that makes the world a bit better. If you are remarkable, people remember you. They flock to you. They do that because your leadership inspires them to do great things too.

It’s hard to be remarkable all the time but compassion, care and integrity go a long way. A positive and optimistic approach will help elevate your view of any task you set out to achieve. Let your instincts create, innovate and improve everything you do – it will show in the end result.

be action oriented

If you spend your time analyzing, nothing will get done.

To achieve it is important to take actions that will get you somewhere other than square one. Reading, surfing the web, making decisions, writing reports, going over finances and various tasks is not action. It’s procrastination. Sure they may play a role. Certain tasks need to be done but at what cost.

Only action creates results.

Spending your time just to pass the time is a an excuse to be inactive. It’s a form of sabotage. Actions that create, promote and add values are the ones that will earn money and help to change the world. They are the ones you should spend most of your time on. This will become more clear as you learn to let go of old habits.

be aware

Perhaps many of us are so busy that we run around with blinders on – just like a horse leading a carriage. But remember the second action – be remarkable. If you do this part of your job is to educate, inform and add value in other people’s lives. Therefore you constantly need to be willing to learn. You need to be adaptable and flexible. You need to accept all the possibilities without judgement.

Awareness is essential for change. Once you are aware you can make positive decisions and solve problems that would otherwise have passed you by.

That’s it.

No big secrets.

Everyone has their huge list of qualities but I think it comes down to those four main things – having focus, being remarkable, being action oriented and having awareness. As you start to master each virtue the road to life seems worth it just a little bit more.

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