be amazed by the world around you – a fresh look at the world

simply stephen / April 5, 2011

Part 2 of a 3 part series on changing your perspective

part 1 the eyes of a child – changing your perspective

part 2 be amazed by the world around you – a fresh look at the world

part 3 innovation and spirit – changing your perspective

The world really is an incredible place.

Take a look around.

Still don’t think so.

Your attitude is most likely one of the things holding you back and making you unhappy. If you can learn to look at the world differently, you will start to feel differently about yourself and the world around you. That is your first step to coping with life.

think of a child

When a child looks at something, they look at it with awe. Everything is new and amazing. If you take that approach you will find pleasure in everyday life. Your outlook will change and people will enjoy being with you.

But you will also learn new things and have innocence restored. For if you learn to look at everything you see in wonder and fascination some of your youth will return. You will grow, just like a child by realizing that you know very little about the world and can constantly learn more by exploring it and excepting your role.

Life will improve.

Yours and everyone around you. Growth is good.

need more convincing

Here’s a one word cascade for you to think about.





















That’s just nature…what about man made things or actual places that are pretty inspiring.

The CN Tower, The Golden Gate Bridge, The Pyramids, The Taj Mahal, The Great Wall of China

The Grand Canyon, The Sahara, Mount Everest, The Nile River

Oh and smells.

Baked Bread…insert your favourite smell here.

Then linger for a minute and enjoy it.


Children Laughing…repeat the above exercise.

I haven’t even touched upon the amazing things people do. There is so much to be amazed about. Kind of puts complaining in perspective, doesn’t it. If you think about amazing things your life will change. If you change how you perceive things it will change how you feel inside. That’s a healthy start to change.

It’s one of the best lessons you can learn.

Take a moment to reflect.

what amazes you


Write it down.

Post it on your fridge, mirror or somewhere you can look at it every day.

Use it for inspiration or write down a few things at the end of every day and post them for your next day of inspiration. A big lesson in attitude and gratitude. It’s all how you look at the world.

Next time we will take a look at people and how they have changed the world around you. Inventions and social breakthroughs. Technology and science. Ordinary people doing amazing things, right in our own back yards. Amazing. How different life would be without them.

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