do not stand alone – no man is an island

simply stephen / May 24, 2011

Many people think it is a sign of strength to stand alone.

The young think they are invincible.

As we get older we think they have the skills and experience to deal with whatever life brings them.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Especially, when we have a pressing issue like depression, anger, chronic fatigue or even social problems at work or school. That’s when you need support groups. Your pillars of strength to help hold you up. As life gets heavy you simply won’t have the strength to hold everything in place. Something will fall or you will get crushed.

ego gets in the way

Our ego prevents us from seeking assistance. We don’t want to be a burden or have something to prove.

Step back for a second and think about this. There are people that care. The loved ones in your life want to see you healthy and happy. So if getting help will reach your goal in a shorter time period with less pain and suffering, why would anyone think anything less of you?

You need the support. Whether it be surrounding yourself with friends and family, seeking professional help or looking for a community support group, don’t do it alone. They are trained to teach you the tricks and discover the problems.

When you want to build your career or learn an activity, you go to professionals or join groups. You immerse yourself in courses and information to become better. Life problems are no different. Building a moat and castle walls will only block the sunlight. You can’t learn from it and you won’t improve.

Do yourself a favour and get off your island. You don’t have to do it alone.


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