how to change life – stop resisting change

simply stephen / November 19, 2010

Change is hard.

Most of us fight it.

Making a personal change is even harder. It takes dedication and commitment. It also takes desire and reflection, which fits well as a follow up to the last article on how often do you reflect.

If you’ve made it a habit to start reflecting on a more frequent, hopefully daily basis, then you may be ready to make some changes. After all, your reflection should accent some of the areas in your life that need improvement.

Improvement and change are interchangeable.

Once you stop trying to improve, life slows down. It stagnates, which can make it seem a bit lack luster.

how can you make change a little bit easier?

We have a tendency to want things to be easy but the challenges of life take a bit of hard work, there is no easy button.

It is those challenges that make life worthwhile.

There are ways to integrate change into your life that will make constant improvement enjoyable. Change does not have to be something you dread. If you enjoy something you will be a little bit less resistant to it!

  1. choose – think back on your reflections and pick one of your top items, perhaps the most important one
  2. commit – spend just 10 minutes a day for a a minimum of one week (it is becoming a habit this way)
  3. research – find the tools and resources on and off line that will help you reach your goals
  4. target – set a target goal, perhaps with backwards planning that will break your change into little steps

That’s it really.

You may need to adjust your goal along the way to keep focused. Once you get in the habit of making change a permanent thing you can add more and more changes without noticing the hardships you felt you were suffering.

Those hardships will become exciting. They will be something you look forward to. They will become all the achievements that have brought something good to your life.

So working at something and eliminating resistance will bring a new era to your life and the people around you. A better life. One with more windows of opportunity to make you feel much more connected to the world, thus changing your outlook on life and fear of the unknown.

Try it.

Change one small thing about your life.

Then change two.

Then try something bigger.

2 thoughts on “how to change life – stop resisting change

  1. Very true Stephen.

    We can get a little over zealous sometimes and set ourselves up for a fall. Setting small goals and easing our way forward is a great idea. You can only climb the mountain one step at a time. 🙂

  2. @Davina Baby steps…baby steps. But it takes desire and dedication before the first step can take place.

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