innovation and spirit – changing your perspective

simply stephen / April 12, 2011

Part 3 of a 3 part series on changing your perspective

part 1 the eyes of a child – changing your perspective

part 2 be amazed by the world around you – a fresh look at the world

part 3 innovation and spirit – changing your perspective

Time to look at the world around you just one more time. We’ve looked at it through the eyes of a child. We’ve looked at natural beauty, amazing things and wonders in the world.

What about those inventions and scientific breakthroughs?

Don’t you think they are amazing? Innovation and spirit probably changed the quality of your life and you just take it for granted.

chronology – what would life be like without

3000 BC – Paper. Egypt (imagine a world without words)

2000 BC – The Wheel (or earlier…imagine any land transportation without it)

2000 BC – Silk. China (and no clothes)

260 BC – The lever, Archimedes (imagine life without leverage)

200 BC – The compass, China. (where would we have traveled without them)

1200 to 1775  – Eyeglasses. Italy, China, America (at different times we earned second site)

1450 – The Gutenberg Press (ability to create books in mass production)

1698 – The Steam Engine. (was actually invented in Greece circa 100 AD.)

1748 – The Refrigerator, Scotland (a funny place to need a fridge)

1790 – The Bicycle (a bit different than today’s bikes but still a two wheel mode of healthy transport)

1800 – The Battery. Italy, France (no devices or portable power)

1834 – Braille. Louis Braille (helping the blind to read)

1800’s – The Lightbulb, various including Edison (changed the way and time we work)

1876 – The Telephone. Bell (life with no phone is like many imagine it with no Internet)

1884 – Camera. Eastman (film that people don’t have to process themselves)

1893 – The Zipper. Judson (bet all of us have a zipper on something)

1895 – The Radio, Marconi (first ocean transmission in 1905)

1903 – Flight. The Wright Brothers (arguably the biggest impact on globalization)

1906 – The Assembly Line Car. Ford (biggest impact on travel and the environment)

1935 – The Ball Point Pen. Hungary (good thing paper was invented first)

1946 – The Microwave (and the fast food world began)

1961 – Space Flight. Soviet Union (expanding the potential for other places to live)

1969 – The Smoke Detector (the greatest house saving device ever)

1979 – The Cellphone (bit smaller and easier now)

1993 – Modern Internet. (the world wide web was made public)

Amazing things are being created daily. Go up the chart and think what your life would be like without the following inventions. How far back before you would find it unbearable.

people have changed the world

Still think the world isn’t an amazing place.

People have changed the world and are still doing incredible things. Not just with invention and innovations. People have done extraordinary things through the power of social change.

Ordinary people like you and me.

You can make a difference and have a lot to be thankful for because other people have taken the time to change the world…the one you live in and appreciate.

It’s not just modern day heroes that fight for freedom.

Mandella and Martin Luther King fought for equality among race but many more paved the road before them. Joan of Arc for French alliance. Ghandi for India’s independence. Lincoln for Slavery.The Suffragists for the right to women voting.

Socrates was changing the way we question the world around us. Western philosophy still bases community and learning around this way of thinking.

Churchill. Gorbachev. Jefferson.

Many of them were killed for their efforts.

Newton modernized Physics while Einstein accelerated it to the next level centuries later. Darwin and Galileo questioned modern thought and were ostracized for their thinking.

Lennon. Shakespeare. Twain. Voltaire.

Where would we be without the Larry Page’s and Sergey Brin’s of the world. Reading this in a library no doubt. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Craig Newmark and all the computer gurus have changed the world you work and play in.

It’s smaller. Faster. Much more connected.

ordinary people do things too

It doesn’t take long to find an amazing story about something a regular person is doing in their home town.

Saving snails or helping the elderly.

Fighting for cancer or spreading joy.

It’s all just one person with an idea to take their spirit and spread change throughout the world. I inspire to do just one little change and encourage you to make one change in your world. It all counts.

Without innovation and change, where would you be today? Still in the dark.

Don’t let your future fade, we need everyone to change their perspective and stop resisting the inventions, inventors and people that have saved us in the past.

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