is your past getting in the way of your future?

simply stephen / March 1, 2011

do you live in the past?

Ask yourself this question truthfully.

Your recent or old skeletons may be an obstacle keeping (and has always kept) you from getting on with your present life. Don’t worry, by choosing the right support networks, with a little effort you can learn to reverse the effect your past has had on your current life.

We like to think of ourselves as victims. We use our past to stop us from succeeding. Instead of creating this barrier, try getting help dealing with the past to eliminate future pain and grief.

I am not writing solutions for you today.

This is a short post. It is deliberate.

I want you to think about your actions and challenge you to make changes and get help. I want to help you commit to change.

are you always gravitating towards negative things?

Examine those habits and events and get help. There are many options.

  • self help books
  • on line resources
  • counsellors and therapist
  • treatment centres
  • support groups (web based and other)

On top of all that, remember it is up to you to change things. The sole responsibility lies on you.

The actions you take, the attitude you have can eliminate your skeletons forever. This will help you lead a healthy, happy future. What have you got to lose? You’ve got everything to gain.

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