it’s no secret why people thrive

simply stephen / June 7, 2011

time is finite

Time is a valuable asset.

It is finite.

Life has a limit.

We are not here forever. Make the most of each minute. Nobody will treat your time as valuable. You have to own that and let people know. They will otherwise tax your time, energy and resources until you take control and focus on the things you need to do.

It is your time after all.

How you use it determines the outcome of your life.

energy is an investment

Energy is used by the time you spend.

That is your mental investment.

So kill two birds with one stone and use your energy effectively. You can achieve more if you concentrate on positive forward actions that minimize your time spent and maximize the result. If you always take negative actions it will drain your source of energy.

use the two wisely

Time and Energy are therefore your keys to success, prosperity and happiness.

As time passes, each of the opportunities you create will be a result of the energy spent. If you spend your time on self gratifying actions you will need to spend more energy in the future. Therefore time and energy spent prior to today will mean more time and energy required in the future.

Weigh your risks and rewards now. Your mental and physical outputs are the sum total of your life results.

How do you want to spend your time and energy?

What results do you want from life?




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