life is really about choice

simply stephen / May 10, 2011

Your life is really about choices.

And healing is too…

It’s no news that the choices we make shape our future. They shape how we look and feel about the world around us. Our environment can be manipulated by the choices we make.

think about your choices

Have you ever sat down and thought about it?

Are you willing to do something about it?

When you see someone in a good mood they have determined to be happy. It’s two sides of a coin. You can choose to be in a good or bad mood. How you approach it makes all the difference in where you end up.

Do you want to be around someone in a bad mood?

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. ~ Denis Waitley

There are no guarantees on the outcome.

As you choose, you determine a road. The road will not be discovered until you explore it. The choice to avoid it is a choice in itself. You will never know what it looks like.

You can love someone and they may not love you back.

You can gain wealth but you may not be happy.

You can get an education but may not land your dream job.

But you can choose. It’s all about risk.

the decision process

How do you decide?

All risk can be calculated. There are ways to reduce the impact of a risk. In life learning how to choose wisely is a smart tool to add to your chest.

  1. take the risk – nothing ventured, nothing gained
  2. be positive – a good attitude will take you further down the road and help eliminate fears and frustrations
  3. learn from past mistakes – don’t repeat the same errors
  4. educate & inform – there is nothing like arming yourself with info to gain confidence and make smart choices
  5. identify options – weigh out the pros and cons and determine all possible results
  6. trust yourself – if you have done the above steps, you should have a little faith that the result will be good
  7. be responsible – whatever the outcome, take responsibility for mistakes and if you regret them fix them

The bigger the decision, the more effort it deserves. Don’t go crazy with over analysis on small choices, like which way to go to the store or what milk you should buy.

Remember your life is yours to live. So are your choices. Embrace them and explore a different outcome than the one that is causing you grief or misery.

You can choose to heal.

You can choose to live.

You can choose to succeed.

You can choose anything you want.

If things are going badly, you have probably made some bad choices. Fear not, you have the ability and right to change your choices. It’s never too late to start living. What choices do you want to make today?

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