like minds breed like minds: a single key to quicker recovery from mental health issues

simply stephen / March 1, 2012

In the heart of my depression, I wasn’t very active. When I was, I spent most of my time seeking answers when energy permitted. The other times, I was soul searching or simply trying to take care of the basics.

Much of that energy time was spent on the internet visiting forums, which were the stronger social medium at the time. A forum is a great way to connect and find real answers from people with similar traits and related experiences. They are topical and can help you drill down to any problem like yours. The same can be said for all the existing social sites.

Many good connections, tools and resources can be gained.

This activity is paramount in exploring your issues. Awareness and education is important for your road to recovery or effective treatment.


Here’s something important (and the sooner you learn it, the quicker and easier it will be to heal)

Instead of spending all of your time at sites on mental health reading, self educating and discussing problems that expose you to all the triggers and negative aspects, spend most of your time learning how to grow and heal.

A site that promotes virtues, confidence and skills will give you a kick start in those areas.

A site that promotes positivity, inspiration and gratitude helps you have a positive attitude.

A site that promotes healing and health reduces your suffering.

A site that promotes self acceptance, love and understanding teaches you to be those things.

A site that promotes productivity, focus and motivation will improve your output.

A site that promotes anger and stress management provides tools that directly impact your situation.


A site that promotes depression and mental challenges provides support and awareness.

That’s different.

There are many solutions that might only be provided there. They offer a sense of belonging. They provide security knowing there are people with similar issues that can help.

Only actions that help you grow and change will take you to the next level. Those self help sites are designed to take you to the next level. A therapist is there to help you discover blocks and use great tools to handle your issues. A doctor is there to monitor your health and recommend medical solutions.

A better diet, good habits, more skills, positive outlook, etc. will help you overcome your challenges quicker so dedicate the bulk of your time to them.

Don’t get me wrong.

Visiting the social sites on mental health is important but do it concurrently while learning to grow. Spend most of your time gaining new strengths, skills and tools. Mostly – surround yourself with anything positive.

That is the key to a stronger, healthier, happier, more prosperous YOU!