never say never, it will bite you in the butt

simply stephen / October 7, 2010

Did I just say butt?

That’s the beauty of the web, you can say what you want. Let’s continue. Never say never. The odds are pretty high that you will have to fall back on your words somewhere down the line.

I’ll give you a perfect, albeit inconsequential, example.

On many occasions, I’ve had long hair and I’ve said that I’ll never cut it short again (and vice versa) but time and circumstance have a way of changing that.

And….I’ve cut it several times as well as grown it again.

let’s put that in perspective

If you make limiting statements that include words like never or can’t you are letting the universe control your actions.

The truth is you are only limited by what you decide you can and can’t do. The world is in a constant state of flux. You have the ability to change with it.

You are only in control of your current actions and may decide to do something different in the future.

So…instead of saying never, try a less controlling statement like “for the time being” or “at the moment” as a replacement.

Better yet, say nothing at all.

You don’t need to justify your actions. If you come from a good place and want to build confidence and esteem know that it is okay to do what you want. That will help you navigate life with a little less friction.

It’s harder to go back on your words.

So never say never…that keeps a few more doors open.

More doors means more choices to an interesting, barrier free life.

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