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simply stephen / July 15, 2010

Limiting beliefs will stop you from living a deep and meaningful life. It’s unfortunate that cultures, religion, schooling, parenting and various environments train us to believe something that becomes an obstacle in our life.

To look at the possibilities, we must re-train ourselves to gain a new perspective.

Limiting beliefs get in the way of progress and put up a barrier.

If you want to enjoy life to the fullest extent, it is important to remove all obstacles.

A limiting belief stops you from moving forward.

It hinders your progress and creates the obstacle.

You can remove or avoid obstacles in many ways, but first of all you have to recognize your barriers.

Let’s take a look seven common phrases that limit your beliefs:

  1. I can’t get…a job, into that school, good grades, etc.
  2. I’m not a very good/nice person
  3. I will never have…
  4. I can’t do that
  5. I’m useless
  6. this relationship will never work
  7. it’s too hard

Notice the theme.

Each on is a negative thought that projects something impossible. They put up a barrier that is impossible to overcome until…


Sorry to shout. But CANT means choose a negative thought. Try to keep it out of your vocabulary. It is limiting.

Be aware.


Question your beliefs.

Take action with small steps to overcome all obstacles.

Often the big picture that overwhelms. Instead, try breaking it down into little steps. Taking the first one and then the second in progression to get there. Ask yourself what steps you can take to overcome your beliefs to achieve the action or thing you desire. Rome, after all, wasn’t built in a day.

A change in attitude will change your ability and situation in life.

And that attitude of change will bring a happier and more fulfilling life. Not and easier one, but certainly one you can be proud of. Take the steps now and discover a new you.

You will gain a new outlook on life.

2 thoughts on “overcome limiting beliefs

  1. If you want to be faithful to your beliefs, there will be a few “hurdles” it’s not removing the hurdles, but finding a way around them. If you believe in something strongly, no one thing or one person should be able to even budge those hurdles!

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