smile for change or is that smile for a change

simply stephen / March 22, 2011

Does everything around you seem drab and dreary? Do you criticize and look at the world with pessimism? Do you ever smile?

I’ve got one question for you. Is it working?

I doubt it.

Have you every stopped to think about why?

Probably not or you’d change things up. If you smile for a change it will not only change your outlook but will adjust the perception of others about you. Enough on the questions let’s look at changing this habit.

what is in a smile

A smile is one of the most powerful tools for change in your life.

Is a smile a question? Or is it the answer? ~ Lee Smith

You may resist the smile.

That’s your prerogative.

Instead of fighting, consider it to a starting point to happiness.

You want to be happy, don’t you? That’s why you are here. Let’s look at the positive effect a smile may have on your life and the life of those around you:

  1. health – studies have shown that happy people live longer. Your smile relieves stress by releasing endorphins, natural pain killers and serotonin. This natural concoction makes you feel better. Probably because you are more relaxed it also lowers your blood pressure and boosts the immune system. If that isn’t motivation, I’m not sure what is.
  2. success – generally, people like being around successful people. Happy people fit that bill. If you smile you become more approachable it opens up new avenues. A happy person breeds success, not only for themselves but for everyone else too.
  3. behaviour – when you start smiling you start to change your attitude and increase positive social behaviours. You take pride in what you do and offer love and gratitude. While you may smile out of relief, amusement or pleasure offering it can be priceless to someone to show sympathy, pride or triumph. People feed of that happiness and in turn, so do you.
  4. mood – changes your mood and helps you stay positive by reminding you of your happiness
  5. attraction – you’ve heard the expression “turn that frown upside down” – it’s good advice. Not only are you easier to be around but you look younger and more beautiful. It shows you care about yourself and other’s and attracts people to you.
  6. inspiration – a smile is contagious. When you smile other people smile back and sometimes, without knowing it, you make the person’s day, perhaps even prevent them from doing something drastic. To give pleasure is far more appealing then offering misery.

Now there’s a 6 pack anyone would want in their shopping cart. The next time you are thinking about complaining, try smiling instead. See what happens. As your attitude changes you will not only stop complaining you will feel better in the process. You will also reduce the harm you may have been ready to unleash.

So smile for change, that should be enough incentive to practice smiling for a change.

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