the eyes of a child – changing your perspective

simply stephen / March 29, 2011

Part 1 of a 3 part series on changing your perspective

part 1 the eyes of a child – changing your perspective

part 2 be amazed by the world around you – a fresh look at the world

part 3 innovation and spirit – changing your perspective










A child has so many unspoiled attributes.

Looking at life through the eyes of a child offers us valuable lessons. The habits and limited beliefs we have accumulated during our lives interfere with reality. To look at the possibilities in life and understand acceptance we need to retrain ourselves and unlearn everything we have been taught.

A child admires everything they come in contact with. They are vulnerable in this way but it’s a blessing. Not a moment passes without playing, thinking and exploring. No need for heavy explanations. Just the basics. Nothing in life is as serious as it seems. A child is proof. The sun comes up every day and look at how they still go play.

Puddles, cuddles & secret huddles.

Rock, paper, scissors…and don’t forget rocks, papers and scissors.

Mud, grass stains and messy hair.

Sprinklers or snowmen.

Bike rides, tree forts and hideaways.

To live deliberately and without grief or worry we need to start looking at life through the eyes of a child. On a daily basis we need to harness the power and let children teach us to be free, explore and enjoy again.

For those of you still here, perhaps you are dying to harness your inner child.

For the lucky ones it never left.

Maybe you play joyfully every day looking at the world with energy,optimism, wonder, anticipation, excitement, and gratitude. Living each moment as it comes with no frills or expectations. It’s just there for taking.

What are you waiting for let the journey begin continue.

The next article will explore the wonders of the world further to help you change your perspective on life.

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