the season of change

simply stephen / May 17, 2012

Spring brings about change…

Like the changes you are seeing on the site. I told you they were coming along with (Lessons In Life) LiL Helpers, a free mini course with actions to help you cope with life. I wish I’d learnt some of them sooner.  Look for the sign up form soon. Did I mention it is free and hopefully coming in June.

You see, I’ve been going through various changing too.

If you don’t know already, I’ve moved off grid and my focus is “survival” right now. Blogging and writing is secondary as I get my new tiny home set up, a 1978 18foot RV.

Quite a change.

Change is something each of us needs to face. It shakes things up and brings hope, challenges and new found motivation. If we sit in one place, in fear of change it will smother and suffocate. so you can get you

To learn how to cope with depression and anxiety, change is a paramount step.

This happened to be my dream but I waited for 15 years to make it happen. If I had jumped at the opportunity earlier, I could have achieved it sooner.

See what holding back can do. There is no time like today to face change and make the things you want happen by taking action.

I’ve taken my step. Are you ready to take yours?

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