you are free to choose what happens today

simply stephen / August 30, 2011

You have many choices in life. Ones that are yours and yours alone. It’s up to you to decide.

How you pick will lay your foundation for the road ahead.

choose wisely

You are free to choose how things are…

  • your attitude
  • your behaviour
  • your friends
  • your outlook
  • your words

…and once you embark the outcome for that moment is determined. Building an arsenal of virtues will help you survive and thrive. It can bridge the divide between sorrow and joy.

It is the difference between happiness and sadness.

you have today

It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday. Your choices in the past are not important. The ones you make now will determine how the day turns out and what tomorrow will bring. It really isn’t the score it’s how you play the game.

But remember…the time, resources and energy you have is limited. Life is fleeting. Make the most of it now and develop the virtues and traits that will help you succeed, grow and be happy.

After all…you are the most precious resource you have to deal with every day. The choices you make are important so build your list of virtues or struggle without them.


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