you are not alone in this world

simply stephen / September 27, 2011

Things happen in life that prevent us from looking at a true perspective.

The reality we see is not the same as the reality that is. In times of trouble, many people turn inward. They start to reflect and isolate themselves from the rest of society, their friends and family. Pushing away the ones you love is not all that uncommon too.

Many people suffer from this isolation. You are not the only one.

But the people around you are there to provide you with love and support. I’ve talked about it before and it is a common and grave mistake to think that you are an island. There are many ways to help get through your problems and most of them involve people.

Other people.

Not just yourself.

how to connect with others

Every community and every person has resources around them to keep them from being alone, depressed or suffering in any way. For over a century community and religious groups have provided assistance in this manner. Now there are much more non denominational ways for people to find activities or companionship.

  1. pick an interest and find a community group on line
  2. join a class through your local college, school board or community service
  3. go out and give free hugs (yep this is a great way to feel connected)
  4. call or visit family members or friends
  5. start your own group
  6. reduce your television & computer time and go outside with people and nature
  7. do some volunteer work – helping others is a good cure for loneliness

Hopefully, you get the point. There are many options for you to pursue if you just want company and connection. If you need more and there are underlying issues, it’s time to look for a proper support group.

choose the right support

Not everyone is comfortable with a group of people to share their worries and woes. Maybe one on one is more appropriate. There could be medical or societal issues such as anger, bi-polar, abuse, adoption attachment or introversion that keep you from wanting to join a specific type of group (and those are just a few). Maybe you need a mentor or someone to talk with. Perhaps it’s time for real medical help.

Make sure you educate yourself on the real problem and not the symptoms.

Some of the more specific and main groups include Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Survivors of Suicide, Survivors of Accidents, Grief, Emotional Disorders or Trauma, Child Abuse, Stress, Mental Disorders. So if you suffer anxiety, make sure you find a group for anxiety.

where to look for support

If you are looking for support there are a few good starting points.

  1. city hall – each municipality is there to help you find the resource in your community
  2. community center – each center will know how to tap into the best local resources
  3. social service agencies – their job is to look out for your well being
  4. member of parliament – you voted for them, ask them to help create support groups if you can’t find them
  5. school – your school or college will have guidance counselors to help with your issue
  6. employee assistance lines (EAP) – some employers have confidential help lines
  7. medical centers – hospitals and clinics will have the resources and knowledge to redirect you
  8. doctors – ask your family doctor for a referral to a specialist
  9. library –  your library has an endless supply of resources and tools
  10. societies and organizations – why not start with the issue specific to your problem (i.e. Postpartum Support or Anxiety Disorder Association)
  11. online – just google it and look for forums and support groups with your specific issue(s)
  12. newspapers – check the classifieds in good old fashioned print, especially the local and community ones

Remember, there is no need to suffer in any way, for any problem.

You are not alone.

People care and there is almost always a support group for your specific issue. If it is just loneliness, seek the community resources you need to find an activity or support group that will get you the company you need. If you have some other ideas and suggestions, I’d love to hear them in the comment section below.

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