12 tips to keep your closets and clothes organized

simply stephen / January 15, 2010

Here’s 12 quick tips to keep your closets and clothes organized. Spending just a few minutes (yep that’s another theme for time and clutter management) will help keep your hidden storage space in the closets manageable. Without further ado…

  1. group your hall closet season and rotate 4 times a year
  2. put boots in containers to keep safe and in place
  3. hooks pegs and racks are good for extra space
  4. baskets can help with loose items like gloves & scarves
  5. linen closets can be divided by the size of the bed and keep sheets & pillowcases together
  6. subsequently towels can be grouped by size too
  7. put your vacuum in an accessible closet
  8. make sure you have a light in it – easier to keep tidy
  9. double hang if possible & face your clothes in one direction
  10. sort by season – reach the right clothes for each time of  year
  11. keep outfits together
  12. bulky items could be stored in under bed containers out of season

Bonus tip – organize the items on the floor with the largest ones in the back and the smallest ones in the front, that way you can see and reach everything. In our next article we will look at quick tips to keep your bathroom organized.

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