clearing and sharing the clutter

simply stephen / January 5, 2010

Clearing and sharing the clutter is important in a family home or for a couple. Otherwise, one of the parties may feel they are being taken for granted.

Sometimes, one person is the messy one and the other is tidy.

As you collect more stuff it becomes important to pick up and put it away.

what comes in must go out – paper & junk

You can also have a junk box in your bedroom or closet and a kitchen miscellaneous junk drawer. Only keep cards for a week or two. If you must have magazines, when the new one arrives, donate the old one. The same rule applies for new clothes – in comes new coat, out goes old one. You can help this along by having a donation bag. The best place for it is by the front door or closet.

Mail is something that everyone manages differently. Using a “touch it once” rule is good for many. That means when you open it, you deal with the action involved by responding or paying and then file it appropriately. Reducing junk mail and email is an even better way to reduce the time involved and save the environment along the way.

quick clean

The easiest way to do this is to take a basket or box, work your way around the house and pick up everything that is lying around. Then disburse it in the appropriate rooms or storage spaces. If you have a basket in each of the main rooms you can do it for each room.

To make a place look a little tidier:

  • change the towels
  • remove stuff from bathroom cabinets
  • throw everything in each room in a basket
  • put the dishes in the dishwasher
  • wipe the counter surfaces

This is the emergency quick fix. The end of the day is a perfect time to pick up the things that are lying around. Do this in your bedtime routine and it will also help you get ready for the next day. In our next article I’ll share with you a few simple tricks that can save you time and make organizing a bit more fun.

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