how to organize your life – manage and track

simply stephen / November 19, 2009

Our previous article introduced us to the first step in organizing your life – determining your passions and goals. Once you learn what makes you tick, it’s a lot easier to move on to the next step.

manage and track

Sometimes life gets in the way.

In order to feed your family, work is necessary. If your work isn’t currently integrated with what you love than it may be required to do some tasks that are going to keep you warm and healthy. The rest – that’s up to you.

Ask the question, ” why am I doing this? ” If the answer is to satisfy someone else, consider eliminating it – reduction is the key to organizing both your life and stuff.

So you need to manage and track your goals and stuff. Using systems and computer tools can ease the pain. Here’s a couple tools to help you:

Money Management – want a great money management tool? Try mint, it’s very robust and best of all it’s free.

Productivity – many of us have accounts all over the place when it comes to computer and social media. Try consolidating, forwarding and eliminating. As an example, one of the most robust tools is Google. You can forward all your emails into one account, read social media and Twitter right from gmail or many clients . You can do so many things in one step, with one application instead of spending time using 20 applications and spending the money and energy learning them all. Start exploring your options now.

Make a list of all your chores & duties – ALL

Okay, quick and simple. Get your list complete and we can look at the third step.

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