how to organize your life – relax

simply stephen / November 20, 2009

Our last post discussed in how to organize your life and do the important things first. Today we will talk about what to do with the free time you have created and how important it is not to miss this step.

take some time for yourself – relax

Relax and enjoy yourself.

Surprisingly, many people forget this but it is the single most important thing in keeping your life organized. It will rejuvenate and give you a raison d’etre, which goes a long way towards reaching those visions and goals.

We forget how important sleep, a few minutes reading a good book, a pleasant walk, family time, meditation of any kind (music could be your therapy if you aren’t into Yoga or Tai Chi), exercise, healthy eating, a sit down meal and time spent on that favourite activity are an integral part of learning how to organize and live your life.

Take 15 minutes on one activity that you love and do it today and everyday. Vary your activities to create a nice balance – and make sure they are the things you love.

I hope you’ve taken the time to follow through on the articles on how to organize your life.

If you’ve looked at the sources and resources available to help you get a handle on life it will invariably get you heading in the right direction. Doing this will help prepare you for the next stage – learning how to eliminate and cope with clutter.

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