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simply stephen / November 20, 2009

If you want to organize your life it’s important to stop doing the things that are urgent but not important. The important things should not be neglected, whether urgent or otherwise.

start doing the important things

Many of us get caught in the trap of doing all the urgent things.

This usually consumes a lot of energy and leaves very little room to produce. If you are constantly putting out fires, there is no time to build your dreams. The reality is that everything is not an emergency. The sun will still come up tomorrow, but you will be too busy to look for it.

Many of those urgent things are not important. Anyway, we get caught in a trap of doing not urgent and not important things too, because they are a simple way out. To help you focus on the initial task – your values and goals, start by spending your time doing those things. They are the things that are important to you.

The tendency would be to work on all the urgent and important things but than you are still leaving the not urgent and important things out. Are you following?

Try this.

If you start working on the important things that are not urgent you will invariably become more productive.

Here’s why?

In taking care of the important things before they become urgent you have reduced the urgent pile dramatically and will spend less of your time in a rushed frame of mind. Your creative and productive flow will not be under pressure to take short cuts and reduce the quality of your efforts.

Stop committing yourself to unimportant events, use the new time to cut out unimportant activities. Engage in non urgent, important activities. As you practice this it will become easier.

Once you have learned to do the important but non urgent things first, you will find a surge of free time. In our next article, I will reveal the final step of how to use that free time.

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