simple home storage solutions for the living room

simply stephen / January 12, 2010

When people are unsure where to put things it often leads to a cluttered home or office. As things add up it becomes unmanageable. Then nothing can be found.

Simple home storage solutions can get you part way there but first you have to set up a few ground rules. Do things in baby chunks, one work area at a time (you will see the theme of baby steps a lot on this site – very important tip)

The basic rule for storing an item is to keep it in the area or close to the area in which you use it. You wouldn’t store your pots and pans in your bedroom, would you? The complementary rule to the first one is that the most actively used items should be the most accessible. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

If your stuff has been sitting in the back of a cupboard for a decade, it is likely that you don’t need it. Here are some room by room tips and guidelines.

Family/Living area:

  1. Divide it into sections and keep items in the areas where they get used
  2. Baskets and chests are good for all those toys and magazines
  3. tidy up the room quickly every few days, recycling papers and eliminating items
  4. Don’t keep food items and dishes in your living space – take them to the kitchen
  5. get a universal remote and tuck away the other 12
  6. use hanging armrest storage
  7. get a coffee table with storage
  8. keep an empty box where you can throw all loose and dumped items

I think that gives you enough to digest for one day.

Take just 5 to 15 minutes and start organizing one section of your living. In a week you will be surprised how much space you have cleared up with such small effort.

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