16 simple tricks to keep your home organized

simply stephen / January 8, 2010

In the last article, we touched upon clearing and sharing the clutter in a family or couple.  These tricks work for single people too! Here’s a few simple tricks.

  1. designate rooms for family members and set a timer
  2. create a contest to see who finishes first – prize and all
  3. if you must throw stuff on chairs, have a designated one for each of you
  4. spills should always be dealt with immediately – have a few rags around in the busy rooms.
  5. a duvet is easier than sheets and blankets
  6. take your shoes off at the door – reduces the quantity of dust tracked through the house
  7. splitting your tasks into smaller ones, will help you stop procrastinating
  8. a small or portable rechargeable vacuum it is easier to maneuver and saves energy
  9. make it fun to do the cleaning, listen to music, be silly with it and the time will fly by
  10. on trash day, do a quick check in all the rooms
  11. clean the bathroom or kitchen counter and stovetop first – it will make everything cleaner and motivate you to finish
  12. do two things at once, talk on the phone and dust
  13. soak your pans before you scrub them
  14. protect your bathroom walls with wax it will reduce soap scum and mold – spraying with vinegar & tea tree oil after each shower will also make cleaning easier and eliminate bacteria
  15. using a squeegee after every shower will also make cleaning a breeze & reduce mold
  16. have a scrubber for the toilet that can be used any time there is a “mess” and it will not be a chore to keep it clean.

Remember keeping something clean and tidy is easier than getting it clean.

Come up with a contest &  prize for your family (be creative) for tidying up and then share it in the comments or on Twitter.

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