beat your depression: just try one thing

simply stephen / November 29, 2011

I recently wrote about getting things done. Simplifying is one of the keys to a green life. There is a parallel to help cope with life obstacles. When you are having a difficult time there is a sense of overwhelm.

You lose clarity and focus.

Everything becomes difficult to achieve.

Making sense, all of a sudden becomes seemingly impossible. Something as simple as brushing your teeth can be the hardest thing ever. That’s something many people take for granted. The world around us seems unforgiving. Those that have not experienced it offer very little empathy or understanding.

Regardless, let’s forget about the rest of the world and focus on a more simple version of getting things done. Instead of applying it to work and lofty goals, we are going to use it to help gain some clarity and a sense of achievement.

Just do one thing.

That’s the advice. Do one thing every day. No matter how little it seems just achieve one thing.

When I hit the peak of each depression, typically it was difficult to do anything. I wanted to get out of the trap. Tying my shoelaces and washing was an apex for the day. When I decided that enough was enough I took matters into my own hands and started very small. I didn’t want to get overwhelmed again.

So instead of biting off more than you can chew, You don’t eat an elephant all at once…you take a tiny bite each day. Eventually you will be able to take snack size bites, sometimes more than one in a day. Soon you will add a whole meal.

Those little victories helped me overcome the darkness. They will help you too.

Just do one thing and then you can take care of the next thing.

2 thoughts on “beat your depression: just try one thing

  1. Beatrice…anything that helps. When one is depressed, the smallest things can overwhelm. Something as simple as brushing your teeth can drain all your energy. Just taking care of one thing will help you gain a footing. Glad it helped. Be well.

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