depression revisited

simply stephen / October 26, 2010

With the winter season quickly approaching here in Canada and all norther climates (sorry for the reminder), it is important to take extra precautions to avoid or reduce the impact of your depression.

As a long term chronic sufferer of depression (since I was a young child) I have worked hard to minimize the effects of depression and seasonal affective disorder, especially in the last five years.

it is so unnecessary to suffer

There are so many tools and resources available for people with mental health issues.

So, I thought I’d take the time to help you with a quick review by revisiting some past articles here on cope with life.

  1. To get yourself started take a look at some of the physical symptoms of depression
  2. A very effective tool for those that suffer when the days are short isĀ  light therapy for depression
  3. Exercise is one key to good health so exercise and depression go hand in hand
  4. The other half of the puzzle is depression and diet to learn what foods to avoid and which foods are a great pick me up
  5. A simple guide with the basic steps for coping with depression

That is a good review of depression.

With an early start, you should be able to curb or eliminate your depression. Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor for more advice and support to help you get through the winter blues or your depression.

Suffer less, you deserve it.

2 thoughts on “depression revisited

  1. I always used to find the Canadian Winter uplifting…. I love the feeling of community. Just wrap up warm and go for a walk in a busy neighbourhood. People are helping each other push cars and everyone says hello. It’s easy to not go out but that is the worst thing you can do.

  2. I remember your vivid portrait of “helping out in the Montreal winter”…you depicted such a nice picture with warm and wonderful things to say about Canadians. Thanks Forest. There are so many uplifting things about all seasons, but a long winter can be hard on many people AND try dealing with them year after year NOT just for ONE SEASON or so. I hear ya though, perspective and positive thinking will help make anything good…and you have positive perfected.

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