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introverts and depression

simply stephen / February 16, 2010

Are introverts a little more prone to depression?

My short answer “I don’t think so!”, but we may struggle with coping for a little longer.

Very little exists to prove or disprove this theory. Extroverts are just as likely to be depressed, though the sheer numbers (percentage of population) would contribute to the reasons.

Instead of debating the topic, let’s look at a few simple reasons why an introvert might be labeled depressed.

  • introverts like quite time to recharge – by many this is seen as being sad or ant-social, therefore depressed
  • introverts may have less friends and social support groups to help them through tough times, so it sends them into a spiral
  • introverts might like to work out their issues in a quiet less imposing manner, so solutions are not always as accessible
  • introverts are often less active and have different brain chemistry that can contribute to depression

To look at everything in a he said, she said kind of way never really gets results. Instead of worrying about the causes and creation of problems, I want to explore some of the possible solutions and habits that can help with depression. These activities and so called cures will help extroverts and introverts alike.

Over the next few articles, I will discuss the main things (and I have directly experienced all of them on a large scale, many times and for most of my life). I got tired of feeling that way and finally decided to take serious action in the last few years to get rid of these problems, once and for all. You can too! So stay tuned.

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