physical symptoms of depression

simply stephen / February 9, 2010

With winter upon us, it is depression season for many. A large percentage of introverts may suffer from depression. The effects are devastating. Here are some of the physical symptoms of depression that you can look for:

  1. headaches & dizziness – medicine and rest don’t seem to get rid of the pain
  2. pain – including back, aches in joints, tight chest and unusual persistent aches and pains. When treated the symptoms don’t seem to go away
  3. dietary issues – loss of appetite, digestion problems, gain in weight
  4. sleep – chronic fatigue, poor sleep habits, typically insomnia though difficulty getting out of bed is also common.
  5. limited interest – loss of passion, lack of desire – often withdrawn with an impaired performance at work or in life
  6. confusion – feeling of hopelessness, helplessness, lack of focus, limited concentration and inability to make decisions
  7. frustration – irritability, restlessness, crying and sadness, very nit picky
  8. self loathing – low self-esteem, highly self- critical and thoughts of self harm
  9. appearance – a general outward appearance that you look unkempt
  10. libido – loss of sexual interest
  11. everything is hard – difficulty with daily routine tasks even the simple things
  12. continual – usually lasts for most of the day and continues for weeks at a time

If you are suffering from all or many of these symptoms you should go to your doctor right away for a mental health diagnosis and  treatment option appropriate for you. Depression is a serious thing and should not be left unattended. As an introvert you may have a tendency to keep to yourself but this is one time you don’t want to.

The physical symptoms of depression are different with everyone but if you have had these feelings before it is likely that you will have them again. Unless you do something about it they will never go away. There is hope and a variety of things, including a change in diet, that you can do to limit the impact.

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