being told you are NOT introverted (when you know you are)

simply stephen / June 6, 2012

Time after time people tell me “you are not introverted” and I resist the urge to explode.

It’s not my job to justify, convince, educate and defend.

Usually, I’m steaming when they insist they know introversion better than me (an extreme introvert who has studied the topic and read countless books – not to mention the fact that I have explored or introverted myself).

I am passionate and certainly not shy.

Since I am in the presence of people infrequently, when I am, sometimes I speak a lot to get it all in. I also feel very strongly about certain topics and am seen as outspoken.

That doesn’t mean I don’t need a massive amount of time alone to recharge my batteries!

To me it usually indicates they not only misunderstand introversion but are likely an extrovert or they would have read about and learned more about introversion. It seems only introverts can be bothered to read up and learn about the topic.

If they claim I’m not introverted and say they are, it is more likely they are anti-social or shy, possibly because of a trauma or environment in which they live.

If one is truly introverted they most likely have taken the time to understand introversion because it defines and nurtures us.

Sometimes, it seems like the rest of the world will never take the time to understand.

It’s a shame, because the more this happens, the less I want to hang out with people. If they want to take me for granted and tell me who I am, my reaction is perhaps they should spend more time figuring out who they are instead. I have a pretty good idea but based on their statements am pretty sure they can’t say the same.

I guess I’m just tired of my efforts falling on deaf ears.

Just like I don’t like talking green living with people that aren’t green, I only like talking introverted with people who are introverted. It’s much nicer to deal with people who are just like you.

Has this ever happened to you? How do you deal with it? What outcome did you get?


3 thoughts on “being told you are NOT introverted (when you know you are)

  1. This is so true. I need a time everyday to just simply sit and be. Not slow down, but stop. If I don’t get it, the next day is just worse.

    Yes, I can be the life of the party and hold my own in a debate. However, this just means that I will need even more down time to recharge.

  2. Drew…thanks for dropping by. So true, to be ignored for the needs you have is frustrating, yet people seem to ignore your knowledge of yourself. This is in a sense a lack of respect but more importantly it does mean you will just have to find the time elsewhere or be a “complete basket case later”.

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