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finally time to think: pros and cons of living off the grid

simply stephen / May 29, 2012

For those of you who don’t know, I recently pursued my dream and moved off the grid.

I’m currently living in an 18 foot recreational vehicle on 100 beautiful acres in the Muskoka Region of Ontario, Canada. I’ve got forests, streams, rock faces and plenty of wildlife to enjoy. The region itself has lots of cottage tourism and many wonderful lakes, trails and interesting places to explore. You can follow my story over at my other site simply stephen.

Some of you might think it’s all bliss living in a quiet environment, free from people , especially those of you who are extremely introverted or socially anxious.

While it’s true, those are some of the benefits, complete isolation takes a different kind of person.

As an introvert, to be healthy you need to be in touch with your social side and the introspective quiet side.

While off grid, at times I’ve longed for company and I enjoy coming into town where I get to see other people, not just birds and bears.

I will admit, I have visited town a bit more frequently than I had hoped because I need to charge up the computer. Next month when I get a power inverter and extra power source I should be able to stay off grid for as long as I want until I need supplies or Internet access. The power will also give me time to write effectively, without distraction so I can prepare LiL Helpers and various tools for your digestion.

pros of living off the grid

Since this article is about the pros and cons of living off the grid, here is the list

  1. tranquillity – almost total quiet
  2. solitude – no room mates, distractions or unexpected intrusions
  3. security – finally “own” my own space (though I don’t own the land, which is my next step)
  4. beauty – nature is everywhere, it inspires and calms me
  5. time – no interruptions, I get to choose how the day goes
  6. introspection – lots of time to explore my ideas, thoughts and dreams
  7. fresh air – there is nothing like clean air with less pollution to help improve your health
  8. conscious living – my choices are deliberate allowing simplicity to take over and go with the flow of my life
  9. limited excess – I now have moderate technology,  just the right amount of basic tools and comfort (laptop, tablet, fridge, power tools) and no more listening to everyone else talking and texting on various devices, like one sided conversations in the library
  10. social life – I’m now living on my terms

cons of living off the grid

There is an opposite. A few things actually surprised me.

  1. unable to call people when I want
  2. technology and conveniences are also a con – phone relies on Internet (maybe next year)
  3. social activity is limited to when I go into town (and since I am very introverted I don’t network or gravitate to “events” but rather look for solitary or creative activities)
  4. far away from friends and family – sometimes that is good too
  5. bugs and weather are not in my control and they can force me inside sweaty or chilly
  6. too much time alone is not good practice at socializing
  7. money limits ability to set up the way I want to quickly (but in time I will get there)

Not really too many cons for me. I like living in nature. I like the challenge of a very limited budget. I love being resourceful and stepping outside the parameters most people let society give them. Life off grid has so far proven to be one of the best experiences, challenges and choices I could have made.

This summer should prove to be a very interesting one and I won’t just be building projects and things but character too.

1 thought on “finally time to think: pros and cons of living off the grid

  1. Man your so lucky! I have to ask how did you acquire the land you live on, also to you use electricity or is your setup completely self sufficient? I only ask cause I’m looking to live in nature soon its the only thing that feels right to me anymore I’m only 20 but this is something I gotta act on before its too late would you be able to give me some advice Stephen?

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